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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Extraradical Mycelium Promotes Si and Mn Subcellular Redistribution in Wheat Grown under Mn ToxicityFaria, J. M. S.; Teixeira, D. M.; Brito, I.; Barrulas, P.; Pinto, A. P.; Carvalho, M.
2022Assessment of pharmaceuticals in water systems: sustainable phytoremediation strategiesDordio, A. V.; Carvalho, A. J. P.; Pinto, A. P.
2020Bioaugmentation an effective strategy to improve the performance of biobeds: a review.Pinto, A. P.; Lopes, M. E.; Dordio, A.; Castanheiro, J. E. F. C.
2020Biodegradation of pesticides by adapted fungi. Potential use on biopurification systems?Pinto, A. P.; Teixeira, D. M.; Caldeira, A. T.
2022Dimethoate residues in Pakistan and mitigation strategies through microbial degradation: a reviewAhmad, S.; Pakar, N. P.; Pinto, A. P.; Hai, F.I.; Badawy, M.E.I.; Vazquez, R.R.; Naqvi, T.A.; Munis, F.H.; Mahmood, T.; Chaudhary, H.J.
2016Exploring the potential of novel biomixtures and Lentinula edodes fungus for the degradation of selected pesticides. Evaluation for use in biobed systemsPinto, A. P.; Rodrigues, S. C.; Caldeira, A.T.; Teixeira, D.M.
2021Fitorremediação Assistida: uma Alternativa Sustentável para a Limpeza de SolosPinto, A. P.; Dordio, Ana V.; Ferreira, T.; Faria, Jorge M. S.; Barrocas Dias, C.; Teixeira, D. M.; Palace Carvalho, A. J.
2008Impact of acid mine drainage fromTinoca Mine on the Abrilongo dam (southeast Portugal)Morais, C.; Rosado, L.; Mirão, J.; Pinto, A. P.; Nogueira, P.; Candeias, A.E.
2004Influence of organic matter on the uptake of cadmium, zinc, copper and iron by sorghum plantsPinto, A. P.; Mota, A.M.,; de Varennes, A.; Pinto, F.C.
2021Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) Mapping of Element Distribution in Leaves of Wheat Colonized by Intact Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Extraradical MyceliumFaria, J. M. S.; Barrulas, P.; Teixeira, Dora; Pinto, A. P.; Brito, I.; Carvalho, M.
2022Manganese uptake to wheat shoot meristems is differentially influenced by arbuscular mycorrhiza fungal communities adapted to acidic soilsFaria, J. M. S.; Teixeira, D. M.; Ferreira, D.; Barrulas, P.; Brito, I.; Pinto, A. P.; Carvalho, M.
2018Microbial-Assisted Phytoremediation: A Convenient Use of Plant and Microbes to Clean Up SoilsPinto, A. P.; de Varennes, A.; Dias, C. M. B.; Lopes, M. E.
2009Preliminary media screening for application in the removal of clofibric acid, carbamazepine and ibuprofen by SSF-constructed wetlandsDordio, A. V,; Estêvão Candeias, A.; Pinto, A. P.; Teixeira da Costa, C.; Palace de Calvalho, A.
May-2011Remoção e metabolização de Dexametasona por plantas da família das macrófitasSilva, M.; Serrano, C.; Pires, T.; Carvalho, A. P.; Dordio, A. V.; Pinto, A. P.; Teixeira, D. M.
Jul-2011Removal of Diclofenac by constructed wetlands planted with Phragmites australis and Typha spp.Teixeira, D. Martins; Silva, Z.; Carvalho, A. J. Palace; Pinto, A. P.; Dordio, A.
2022Subcellular Element Distribution in Shoots of Wheat Grown in an Acidic Soil with Native AMF Extraradical MyceliumFaria, J. M. S.; Pinto, A. P.; Teixeira, Dora; Barrulas, P.; Brito, I.; Carvalho, M.
Apr-2021The Protective Biochemical Properties of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Extraradical Mycelium in Acidic Soils Are Maintained throughout the Mediterranean Summer ConditionsFaria, J. M. S.; Teixeira, D. M.; Pinto, A. P.; Brito, I.; Barrulas, P.; Carvalho, M.
2008Weathering of S. Domingos (Iberian Pyritic Belt) abandoned mine slagsMorais, C.; Rosado, L.; Mirão, J.; Pinto, A. P.; Nogueira, P.; Candeias, A. E.
2021Wheat Shoot Al, Fe, Mn and Zn Levels Are Influenced by Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Extraradical Mycelium Associated to Ornithopus compressus in Acidic SoilsFaria, J. M. S.; Teixeira, D. M.; Pinto, A. P.; Brito, I.; Barrulas, P.; Carvalho, M.
Showing results 1 to 19 of 19


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