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Title: Book of Abstracts of the XII Portuguese-Spanish Symposium on Plant Water Relations (2014)
Authors: Coelho, Renato R. P.
Vaz, Margarida M.
Editors: Vaz, Margarida
Coelho, Renato
Keywords: Plant Physiology
Water Relations
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Contents PLENARY CONFERENCES AND THEMATIC CONFERENCES Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Adaptation to Drought Water Relations in the Irrigation Scheduling of Olive Orchards Physiological Limits for Plant-Based Water Stress Indicators Water Use in Montado Ecosystems Hydrological, Engineering and Physiological Approaches to Water Conservation From Leaf to Whole Plant Water Use Efficiency: Solving the Gaps Efficient Use of Water Under Mediterranean Conditions: Agronomic Tools New avenues in crop breeding for drought tolerance ORAL PRESENTATIONS Looking into the Sumoylation Machinery in Rice Tolerant Vs Sensitive Genotypes during Drought Stress: Contrasting Results Three Common Drought-Stress Induction Methods Compared in Arabidopsis: a Proteomic Approach Aquaporin Isoforms in Cv. Touriga Nacional Grapevine Under Water Stress and Recovery - its Role in Leaves and Roots Hydraulic Dynamics Genetic Control of Functional Traits Related to Photosynthesis and Water Use Efficiency in Pinus Pinaster Ait. Drought Response: Integration of Genome Annotation, Allele Association and QTL Detection for Candidate Gene Identification. Effect of Deficit Irrigation and Elaboration Process of Spanish-Style Green Table Olives on Phytoprostanes Content in Manzanilla de Sevilla Olive Flesh Jujube Fruit Water Relations during Fruit Maturation Stage Under Different Irrigation Conditions Differences on the Decline of Leaf Hydraulic Conductance with Dehydration in Olive and Almond: Effects on Stomatal Conductance Regulation and Methodological Considerations. Jatropha Curcas Maintains a High Water Status under Drought Stress Due to a Strict Stomatal Control and Reduced Transpiration Area Diurnal and Seasonal Performance of Two Grapevine Varieties (Touriga Nacional and Aragonez (Syn. Tempranillo) Under Different Irrigation Regimes 19 More Fruit per Drop: Optimizing Irrigation in “Rocha” Pear Orchards in Central Portugal Different Barley Cultivars Responses to Several Climate Change Stress Factors Short-Term Responses of Water and Carbon Fluxes to Cork Stripping Effects of an Extreme Dry Winter on Cork Oak Woodland: Net Ecosystem Exchange and Phenology Adjustments Bryophyte Morphology, Desiccation Tolerance and Ecosystem Water Availability La Invasión de Oenothera Drummondii de las Dunas Costeras del Litoral Onubense, Previsiones de un Suceso a Medio Plazo Relationship between Measurements with Scholander Pressure Chamber and ZIM Probes in Olive Combining a Process-Based Model of Stomatal Conductance with Leaf Turgor Pressure Related Probe Measurements to Study the Regulation of Plant Water Status and Stomatal Conductance under Drought Impact of Estimated Versus Measured Meteorological Data on the Value of Reference Evapotranspiration in Southern Spain Biological Soil Crusts: a Tool for Soil Protection and Water Conservation Monitoring Soil Moisture Dynamics in Root Zone System of Argania Spinosa Using Electrical Resistivity Imaging POSTERS RNASeq Analysis of the Quercus Suber Root Response to Drought SUMO Proteases Act as Modulators of Arabidopsis Thaliana Development and Drought/ABA Signaling SUMO Proteases Control Development and Stress Responses in Arabidopsis Thaliana Metabolites Modulate Acclimation in Radiata Pine Phytohormone Profile of Selected Provenances of Pinus Pinaster Aiton. How Grape Berry Dehydrins Mrna and Protein Expression Profiles Relate with Deficit Irrigation? Growth Responses and Water Status of Transgenic Tobacco Harboring the Dehydrin Gene of Vitis Vinifera L. Under Water Deficit Identification of an ABA-Dependent Signaling Cascade in Quercus Suber Roots in Response to Drought Drought Induced Changes in Membrane Fatty Acids and Physiological Responses of Arabidopsis Plants Altered in the Expression of the Phospholipase A Gene pplaiiα Contribution of Multiple Alternative Oxidase Isoforms to Arabidopsis Leaf Respiration Under Progressive Drought .Membrane Tolerance in Coffea Species in Response to Environmental Constraints Physiological Evaluation of Drought Tolerance in Triticum Durum Genetic Resources Differences among Grapevine Cultivars in their Water Use Strategy Under Progressive Water Stress Application of Thermal Imaging to Assess the Physiological Status of Papaya Crop (Carica papaya L.) Under Different Deficit Irrigation Regimes Influence of Soil and Irrigation Management on the Quality of Seedless Crimson Table Grapes. Response to salinity in young olive trees of three Iberian varieties Testing four methods to assess leaf area in young olive trees Screening Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Accessions on the Basis of Leaf Traits: Temperature, Gas Exchange and Hormones Drought Indicators in Pinus Radiata Seedlings Microclimatic Conditions and Gas Exchange in a Vineyard Under Plastic Cover Chloride Nutrition Regulates Water Balance in Plants Effects of Climate Change (Elevated CO2, Elevated Temperature and Water Deficit) on Growth, Water Status, and Yield Quality of Two Grapevine (Vitis Vinifera L.) Cultivars Comparative Assessment of Water Requirements and the Physiological and Agronomical Response of Strawberry Cultivars (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch.) to Water Shortage. Physiological Comparison Behaviors between Two Cultivars of Vitis Vinifera (Grenache and Tempranillo Cvars.) Influence of Sustained Deficit Irrigation on the Phenolic Composition and Quality of Grape Berries (Vitis Vinifera L.) Cv. Tempranillo and Graciano Comparison of Potential Irrigation Strategies to Confront Water Restriction Periods in Lemon Trees Grown in Semi-Arid Regions 57 Influence of the Irrigation System on the Suitability of Trunk Diameter Reference Lines for Irrigation Scheduling in Lemon Trees Xylem Anatomy, Vulnerability to Drought-Induced Embolism and Hydraulic Safety Margins in Roots of Q. suber and Q. ilex Post-Harvest Pear Maturation is Influenced by the Orchard Irrigation Regime Interaction of Light and Water Stress on the Ecophysiological Response of Nothofagus Antarctica (G. Forster) Oerst. The Use of Laser-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (LIF) as a Rapid and Non-Destructive Method to Investigate Water Deficit in Arabidopsis Ecophysiological Studies on Cistus Palhinhae Ingram and Cistus Ladanifer L. in Southern Alentejo Plant/Leaf traits and adaptive strategies of Cistus species to Mediterranean drought and insolation in southern Portugal
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