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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2012Synthesis, Absortion and Emission Properties of a New Family of Styryl Coumarins. Potential Utility as Memory MediaMartins, Sérgio; Avó, João; Parola, António; Lima, João; Branco, Paula; Pereira, António
2010Synthesis and application of new immobilized chiral bidentate ligands for solid phase asymmetric catalysisMarinho, Vanda Raquel Delgado
Jun-2009Synthesis and characterization of nitrile ligands towards molecular wiresTeixeira, António P. S.; Robalo, M. Paula; Pais, Vânia F.; Garcia, M. Helena; Piedade, M. Fátima Minas; Duarte, M. Teresa
Jun-2008SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF NOVEL OCTAHEDRAL [FeH(DPPE)2(NCR)][PF6] COMPOUNDSTeixeira, António P. S.; Falcão, Ana; Pais, Vânia F.; Robalo, M. Paula; Garcia, M. Helena
2010Synthesis and electrical properties of nanocrystalline Ca1−xEuxMnO3±δLopes, ME; Silveira, C; Nunes, M R; Melo Jorge, M E
2005Synthesis and electrochemical studies of organometallic cobalt(III) complexes with substituted benzonitrile chromophores: NMR spectroscopic data as a probe on the second-order non-linear optical propertiesMendes, Paulo J.
2013Synthesis and evaluation of chiral phosphine and NHC-Ligands or heterogeneous asymmetric catalysisMarques, Carolina Silva
Jun-2006Synthesis, Characterisation and Molecular Hyperpolarisabilities of Pseudo- Octahedral Hydrido(nitrile)iron(II) Complexes for Nonlinear Optics: X-ray Structure of [Fe(H)(dppe)2(4-NCC6H4NO2)][PF6]·CH2Cl2Teixeira, António P. S.; Robalo, Maria Paula; Garcia, Maria Helena; Piedade, M. Fátima Minas; Duarte, M. Teresa; Dias, Alberto Romão; Campo, Jochen; Wenseleers, Wim; Goovaerts, Etienne
2006”Synthesis, characterization and molecular hyperpolarisabilities of pseudo-octahedral hydridenitrileiron(II) complexes for nonlinear optics. X-Ray structure of [FeH(dppe)2(4-NCC6H4NO2)][PF6].CH2Cl2“Teixeira, António P. S.
2017Synthesis of 1,3-Dithienylbenzo[c]thiopheneMendes, Paulo J.; Silva, Tiago J. L.; Tomaz, Ana Isabel; Garcia, M. Helena
11-Sep-2015Synthesis of Bio-fuel Additives From Glycerol Over Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) With Sulfonic Acid GroupsCastanheiro, J; Lopes, N; Caiado, M; Canhão, P
2001Synthesis of Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes with (h-Cyclopentadienyl)iron Derivatives as Potential Nonlinear Optics Materials*Dias, A. R.; Garcia, M. H.; Robalo, M. P.; Teixeira, A. P. S.; Bulygina, L. A.; Sokolov, V. I.
May-2001Synthesis of Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes with (η-Cyclopentadienyl)iron Derivatives as Potential Nonlinear Optics MaterialsTeixeira, António P. S.; Dias, A. R.; Garcia, M. H.; Robalo, M. P.; Bulygina, L. A.; Sokolov, V. I.
1-Jan-2017Synthesis of Ethyl Mandelate through a Rhodium-Catalyzed Arylation Reaction with Ethyl Glyoxylate and Phenylboronic Acid,Burke, Anthony J; Marques, Carolina M
May-2015Synthesis of New Azole Phosphonate Precursors for Fuel Cells Proton Exchange MembranesTeixeira, António P. S.; Teixeira, Fátima C.; Rangel, C. M.
24-Aug-2001Synthesis of new donor/acceptor 5-cyclopentadienyl and 5-indenyliron(II) complexes with p-benzonitrile derivatives. Crystal structures of [Fe( 5-C5H5)(CO)(P(OC6H5)3)(p-NCC6H4NO2)][BF4]·CH2Cl2 and [Fe( 5-C9H7)(CO)(P(OC6H5)3)(p-NCC6H4NO2)][BF4]Garcia, M. Helena; Robalo, M. Paula; Teixeira, António P. S.; Dias, A. R.; Piedade, M. Fátima M.; Duarte, M. Teresa
2013Synthesis of new Fe(II) and Ru(II) η5-monocyclopentadienyl compounds showing significant second order NLO propertiesMendes, Paulo J.
30-Jun-2014Synthesis of novel cinchona-amino acid hybrid organocatalysts for asymmetric catalysisBurke, Anthony; Barrulas, Pedro; Benaglia, Maurizio
2006Synthesis of -Onoceradiene-like Terpene Dimers by Intermolecular Metathesis ProcessPereira, António
2012Synthesis of organometallic ruthenium(II) complexes with strong activity against several human cancer cell linesMendes, Paulo J.
Showing results 21160 to 21179 of 23641


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