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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Age of the basement beneath the Mesozoic Lusitanian Basin revealed by granitic xenoliths from the Papôa volcanic breccia (West Iberia)Pereira, M.F.; Gama, C.; Silva, J.B.; Dias da Silva, I.
2020Atypical peri-Gondwanan granodiorite–tonalite magmatism from Southern Iberia. Origin of magmas and implicationsCastro, A.; Pereira, M.F.; Rodriguez, C.; Fernandez, C.; de la Rosa, J.
2022Changing Carboniferous Arc Magmatism in the Ossa-Morena Zone (Southwest Iberia): Implications for the Variscan BeltPereira, M.F.; Fuenlabrada, J.M.; Rodriguez, C.; Castro, A.
2020Chronostratigraphic framework and provenance of the Ossa-Morena Zone Carboniferous basins (southwest Iberia)Pereira, M.F.; Gama, C.; Dias da Silva, I.; Silva, J.B.; Hofmann, M.; Linnemann, U.; Gartner, A.
May-2012Detrital zircon from a late Paleozoic accretionary complex of SW Iberia (Variscan Belt): History of crustal growth and recycling at the Rheic convergent marginPereira, M.F.; Drost, K.; Chichorro, M.; Silva, J.B.; Sola, R.
2020Geochemical and isotopic (SmeNd) provenance of Ediacaran-Cambrian metasedimentary series from the Iberian Massif. Paleoreconstruction of the North Gondwana marginFuenlabrada, J.M.; Arenas, R.; Sanchez Martinez, S.; Diez Fernandez, R.; Pieren, A.P.; Pereira, M.F.; Chichorro, M.; Silva, J.B.
2012Geologia de Portugal - Geologia Pré-Mesozóica de Portugal II.2.3. Maciço de ÉvoraPereira, M.F.; Chichorro, M.; Moita, P.; Brandão, J.B; Santos, J.F.
2020Isotope geochemistry evidence for Laurussian-type sources of South Portuguese Zone Carboniferous turbidites (Variscan Orogeny)Pereira, M.F.; Gama, C.; Dias da Silva, I.; Fuenlabrada, J.M.; Silva, J.B.; Medina, J.
2018Magnetotelluric Imaging of the Lithosphere Across the Variscan Orogen (Iberian Autochthonous Domain, NW Iberia)Alves Ribeiro, J.; Monteiro-Santos, F.A.; Pereira, M.F.; Díez Fernández, R.; Dias da Silva, I.; Silva, J.B.
2018Multiple Paleozoic magmatic-orogenic events in the Central Extremadura batholith (Iberian Variscan belt, Spain)Pereira, M.F.; Castro, A.; Fernández, C.; Rodríguez, C.
2012North-Gondwana assembly, break-up and paleogeography: U–Pb isotope evidence from detrital and igneous zircons of Ediacaran and Cambrian rocks of SW IberiaPereira, M.F.; Solá, A.R.; Chichorro, M.; Lopes, L.; Gerdes, A.; Silva, J.B.
2021Revisiting the Intermediate Sediment Repository Concept Applied to the Provenance of ZirconPereira, M.F.; Gama, C.
2021Secular variations of magma source compositions in the North Patagonian batholith from the Jurassic to Tertiary: Was mélange melting involved?Castro, A.; Rodriguez, C.; Fernandez, C.; Aragon, E.; Pereira, M.F.; Molina, J.F.
Mar-2018Sedimentary provenance of siliciclastic rocks from the Lalla Mouchaa Calcschists Formation (Coastal Block, Western Rehamna): Evidence of denudation of ca. 2 Ga basement in the Moroccan Meseta.El Houicha, M.; Pereira, M.F.; Jouhari, A.; Gama, C.; Ennih, N.; Fekkak, A.; Ezzouhairi, H.; El Attari, A.; Silva J.B.
2018S-type granite generation and emplacement during a regional switch from extensional to contractional deformation (Central Iberian Zone, Iberian autochthonous domain, Variscan Orogeny)Pereira, M.F.; Díez Fernández, R.; Gama, C.; Hofmann, M.; Gartner, A.; Linnemann, U.
2018The Calzadilla Ophiolite (SWIberia) and the Ediacaran fore-arc evolution of the African margin of GondwanaArenas, R.; Fernandez-Suarez, J.; Montero, P.; Díez Fernandez, R.; Andonaegui, P.; Sánchez Martínez, S.; Albert, R.; Fuenlabrada, J.M.; Matas, J.; Martín Parra, L.M.; Rubio Pascual, F.J.; Jimenez-Díaz, A.; Pereira, M.F.
2012The missing Rheic Ocean magmatic arcs: Provenance analysis of Late PaleozoicPereira, M.F.; Chichorro, M.; Johnston, S.T.; Gutierrez-Alonso, G.; Silva, J.B.; Linnemann, U.; Hofmann, M.; Drost, K.
2012The provenance of Late Ediacaran and Early Ordovician siliciclastic rocks in the Southwest Central Iberian Zone: Constraints from detrital zircon data on northern Gondwana margin evolution during the late NeoproterozoicPereira, M.F.; Linnemann, U.; Hofmann, M.; Chichorro, M.; Solá, A.R; Medina, J.; Silva, J.B.
2022The unique Cambro-Ordovician silicic large igneous province of NW Gondwana: Catastrophic melting of a thinned crustRodriguez, C.; Castro, A.; Gomez-Frutos, D.; Gutierrez-Alonso, G.; Pereira, M.F.; Fernandez, C.
2018Time-space distribution of silicic plutonism in a gneiss dome of the Iberian Variscan Belt: The Évora Massif (Ossa-Morena Zone, Portugal)Dias da Silva, Í.; Pereira, M.F.; Silva, J.B.; Gama, C.
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