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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Lamprey fisheries: history, trends and managementAlmeida, P.R.; Arakawa, H.; Aronsuu, K.; Baker, C.; Blair, S.R.; Beaulaton, L.; Belo, A.F.; Kitson, J.; Kucheryavyy, A.; Kynard, B.; Lucas, M.L.; Moser, M.; Potaka, B.; Romakkaniemi, A.; Staponkus, R.; Tamarapa, S.; Yanai, S.; Yang, G.; Zhang, T.; Zhuang, P.
2012Lampreys of the Iberian Peninsula: distribution, population status and conservationMateus, C.S.; Rodríguez-Muñoz, R.; Quintella, B.R.; Alves, M.J.; Almeida, P.R.
Jun-2022LIFE Agueda—Gaining Habitat for Migratory Fish in the Vouga River BasinPedro, S.; Alexandre, C.M.; Mateus, C.S.; Quintella, B.R.; Lança, M.J.; Belo, A.F.; Pereira, E.; Rato, A.S.; Oliveira, I.; Silva, S.; Almeida, P.R.
2018Life‐cycle responses of a Mediterranean non‐migratory cyprinid species, the Northern Iberian chub (Squalius carolitertii Doadrio, 1988), to streamflow regulation.Alexandre, C.M.; Ferreira, M.T.; Almeida, P.R.
2023Livro Vermelho dos Peixes Dulciaquícolas e Diádromos de Portugal ContinentalMagalhães, M.F.; Amaral, S.D.; Sousa, M.; Alexandre, C.M.; Almeida, P.R.; Alves, M.J.; Cortes, R.; Farrobo, A.; Filipe, A. F.; Franco, A.; Jesus, J.; Oliveira, J.M.; Pereira, J.; Pires, D.; Reis, M.; Ribeiro, F.; Robalo, J.L.; Sá, F.; Santos, C.S.; Teixeira, A.; Domingos, I.
Oct-2022Macro-habitat suitability for threespine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus L.) near the southern limit of its global distribution: Implications for species management and conservationMoreira, A.; Boavida-Portugal, J.; Almeida, P.R.; Silva, S.; Alexandre, C.M.
Sep-2020Managing native and non-native sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) through anthropogenic change: A prospective assessment of key threats and uncertainties.Hume, J.B.; Almeida, P.R.; Buckley, C.M.; Criger, L.A.; Madenjian, C.P.; Robinson, K.F.; Wang, C.J.; Muir, A.M.
Mar-2020Migration and escapement of silver eel males, Anguilla anguilla, from a southwestern European riverMonteiro, R.; Domingos, I.; Almeida, P.R.; Costa, J.L.; Alexandre, C.M.; Quintella, B.R.
2016Movements of Diplodus sargus (Sparidae) within a Portuguese coastal Marine Protected Area: Are they really protected?Belo, A.D.F.; Pereira, T.J.; Quintella, B.R.; Castro, N.; Costa, J.L.; Almeida, P.R.
Jun-2022Movements of hatchery-reared dusky groupers released in a Northeast Atlantic Coastal Marine Protected Area.Silva, A.F.; Horta e Costa, B.; Costa, J.L.; Pereira, E.; Marques, J.P.; Castro, J.J.; Lino, P.G.; Candeias-Mendes, A.; Pousão-Ferreira, P.; Sousa, I.; Bentes, L.; Gonçalves, J.M.S.; Almeida, P.R.; Quintella, B.R.
2011MtDNA markers reveal the existence of allopatric evolutionary lineages in the threatened lampreys Lampetra fluviatilis (L) and Lampetra planeri (Bloch) in the Iberian glacial refugiumMateus, C.S.; Almeida, P.R.; Quintella, B.R.; Alves, M.J.
Oct-2018Muscle fatty acid profiles of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus, L.) indicate the use of fast metabolized energy during ontogenesisMartins, Elói; Almeida, P.R.; Quintella, B.R.; Gomes da Silva, M.; Lança, M.J.
Aug-2020Passage and freshwater habitat requirements of anadromous lampreys: Considerations for conservation and controlMoser, M.L.; Almeida, P.R.; King, J.J.; Pereira, E.
2019PeixesAlmeida, P.R.; Ferreira, M.T.; Ribeiro, F.; Quintella, B.R.; Mateus, C.S.; Alexandre, C.M.
2019Perfil nutricional lipídico de achigã proveniente de várias albufeiras do AlentejoJorge, André; Alexandre, C.M.; Almeida, P.R.; Machado, M. Graça; Gomes da Silva, Marco R.; Lança, M.J.
Dec-2019Perfil nutricional lipídico de achigã proveniente de várias albufeiras do AlentejoJorge, André F.; Alexandre, Carlos M.; Almeida, P.R.; Machado, M. Graça; Gomes da Silva, Marco R.; Lança, M.J.
2016Performance of a vertical slot fish pass for the sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus L. and habitat recolonization.Pereira, E.; Quintella, B.R.; Mateus, C.S.; Alexandre, C.M.; Belo, A.D.F.; Telhado, A.; Quadrado, M.F.; Almeida, P.R.
2016Population ecology of the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) as an invasive species in the Laurentian Great Lakes and an imperiled species in Europe.Hansen, M.J.; Madenjian, C.P.; Slade, J.W.; Steeves, T.B.; Almeida, P.R.; Quintella, B.R.
2011Presence of the genus Lampetra in Asturias (Northern Spain)Mateus, C.S.; Quintella, B.R.; Rodríguez-Muñoz, R.; Almeida, P.R.
2019Primary and secondary oocyte growth dynamics in anadromous semelparous allis shad Alosa alosaMouchlianitis, F.A.; Belo, A.D.F.; Vieira, A.R.; Quintella, B.R.; Almeida, P.R.; Ganias, K.
Showing results 40 to 59 of 80


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